Ben McAdams & Andy Beerman

Former Utah Congressman and Salt Lake County Mayor

Ben McAdams

"Andy Beerman is a strong leader who is respected regionally. I know because I worked alongside him when I was Mayor of Salt Lake County and a Member of Congress. Andy’s leadership was a driving force behind Salt Lake County’s financial support to protect Bonanza Flat. He was the catalyst behind local governments across Utah’s taking steps to address climate change and transition to clean energy. Andy knows that local decisions in one part of our state have ramifications elsewhere and, by earning the respect from neighboring cities and counties, worked to help us be better neighbors to Park City by considering the regional impacts of our local decisions. Mayor Beerman is a public servant who has earned my deepest respect."

Andy Beerman & Blake Moore

Utah Congressman

Blake Moore

"Mayor Beerman's strong relationships with local, state, and federal leaders ensures that Park City is well represented. His pragmatic leadership style gets results on important issues like immigration and climate change. Park City couldn't have a better or more connected leader as they navigate tough issues locally and federally."

Max Doilney Andy Beerman

Park City Councilmember

Max Doilney

"I trust Andy's leadership as a friend, mentor, and confidant. Pragmatic in his approach to building consensus Andy has shown he is willing to do what it takes to achieve the lofty expectations of our community. I have watched him tirelessly develop relationships at the national and state level that forward Park City's goals.
For community, climate, and culture re-elect Andy Beerman for Mayor!"

Chris Robinson & Andy Beerman

Summit County Councilman

Chris Robinson

"I have observed and worked closely with Andy since his first being elected to the City Council and during his time as Mayor. He has demonstrated effective leadership on every major issue affecting Park City during that time and has done so with intelligence, patience, class, integrity, and toughness coupled with amicableness."


Salt Lake City Mayor

Erin Mendenhall

"From serving with Mayor Beerman on the boards of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, the Central Wasatch Commission, and the Quality Growth Commission, I have gotten to know Andy both as a leader and as a human, and I greatly admire him in both capacities. Andy’s love for Park City always shines through, no matter the venue. His steady, calm, and committed leadership will continue to benefit the City, region, and the entire state."

Bradley Olch

Former Park City Mayor

Bradley A. Olch

"Park City is once again at a crossroads. We are a product of our success and the growth and challenges that come with that. Some of those challenges have not changed since I was Mayor. Park City needs someone with the experience and a broad knowledge base. We need Andy’s ability to get the right things done and accomplished for the right reasons. We need Andy’s focus on climate change, on our locals and their neighborhoods, on social equity, and our amazing resort economy. Andy to my mind is

unquestionably the Mayor to lead us forward and that is why I am supporting Andy for reelection."


Adam Strachan Andy Beerman

Former Chair Park City Planning Commission

Adam Strachan

“Knowing and working with Andy for more than a decade, he has shown he can and will make tough decisions when others should but won’t.  Park City needs now more than ever someone like Andy who will thoughtfully and resolutely make decisions on critical issues like open space and restricting sprawl, even when those decisions may be against his political interests.” 

Andy & Kelleen Potter

Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson, Wasatch County Councilmember Danny Goode &

Heber Mayor Kelleen Potter

"As Mayors and County Councilman we are very excited to see our counties working together. As you consider your vote for Mayor this year we would urge you to consider the tremendous value of the relationships and regional coordination that Mayor Beerman has nurtured during his time serving Park City."


Eyee Hsu and Bryn Carey, Park City, Summit County

Park City, Summit County

Eyee Hsu and Bryn Carey

"The climate needs Andy."


Charlie Sturgis & Andy Beerman

Former Director of Mountain Trails

Charles Sturgis

"I hired Andy in 1995 because I could see a hard working guy committed to lofty ideals. Andy’s energy, honesty,

willingness to create collaboration, pursue difficult goals while being totally transparent are the qualities that have made him the great mayor he is and will be in the future."


Caroline Gleich.jpg

POW Climate Activist and Extreme Skier

Caroline Gleich

"Andy Beerman has always been a champion for our climate and open lands. When he was on Park City Council, he helped lead the vote to go 100% renewable by the year 2030. His leadership has set the stage for many communities to follow, including Salt Lake City, Moab, Jackson, Breckenridge and many others. It’s changing our grid in the state of Utah and nationally… We need bold, brave leadership on climate now more than ever."


Paul Kirwin and Andy Beerman

PC Resident, Stroyteller, and Serial Entrepreneur

Paul Kirwin

“Andy was the General Manager of Kirwin Communications. Prepared? (Check). Active Listener? (Check) Consensus Builder? (Check). Those three reasons made for great leadership. As Mayor…he’s used them to build relationships from the grassroots level to the federal level.”


Congressman Curtis and Andy Beerman

Utah Congressman

John Curtis

"It has been my good fortune to work with Andy for almost a decade in my role as a mayor and now as a U.S. Congressman. During this time I have found him to be an extremely hard-working, and dedicated public servant. In addition, he has a unique ability to bring people together with diverse opinions for the common good."

Becca Gerber & Andy Beerman

Park City Councilmember

Becca Gerber

Andy Beerman for Mayor

Park City Councilmember

Tim Henney

"I've had the great pleasure to work with Andy my entire tenure on City Council and I can say with absolute certainty that no one works harder for the Park City than Andy. From reducing development by protecting threatened land as open space, to creating a path to 100% renewable energy town by 2030, building community with walkability, child care, active transportation, transit first, and affordable housing initiatives, the community priorities have seen measurable progress under Andy's leadership."

Bob Richer

Former Park City Councilmember and Summit County Commissioner

Bob Richer

“The challenges Park City faces in the future are regional in nature.  Relationships take time and effort to build and matter now more than ever.  I have watched Andy build positive, on-going relationships with the Governor’s office, Federal and State legislators, and Mayors/Council members in Summit, Wasatch and Salt Lake County.  Andy continues to work for the good of the community by uniquely combining caring for people with political effectiveness.  Re-elect Andy for Mayor!”


Emily Niehaus

Moab City Mayor

Emily Niehaus

"I've had the pleasure to get to know Mayor Beerman and serve alongside him on the League of Cities and Towns Board. Andy ic consistent - he advocates for Park City and Summit County with passion, he gracefully demonstrates effective leadership and consensus building, and he cultivates relationships with leaders at every level of government. This is the job of a Mayor, and Andy does the job well."

Cindy Matsumoto Andy Beerman

Former City Councilmember

Cindy Matsumoto

"Andy has worked for causes that are important to the citizens of Park City.  We wouldn't be where we are today without Andy's vision for open space, net zero goals, community inclusion, and citizen involvement.  I am proud to have served with Andy and support him for Mayor."

Francis Mayor Byron Ames Andy Beerman

Francis City Mayor

Byron Ames

“As the mayor of Francis, I am grateful to have Andy as the mayor of our neighboring city. Andy’s vision for the long term success of Park City includes a vital understanding of the impact of his decisions as the leader of Park City on the lives of those living outside the Park City boundaries. Andy is an incredible partner in our efforts to protect our quality of life in the Wasatch Back.”

Peter Metcalf

Park City Residents and Climate Activists

Peter and Kathleen Metcalf

"The process of effectively leading Park City is never easy, however when one looks at the major, tangible, and lasting accomplishments of Andy’s first term one can only be impressed and appreciative for what this represents to Park City’s high quality of life both today and for future generations."


Dick Roth & Andy Beerman

Park City Resident, Climate Activist and Olympian

Dick Roth

"I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Andy for many years. He is a person of high integrity and intelligence — and of great conviction. I strongly support his re-election for mayor."


Katie WRIGHT Andy Beerman

Former Director of Park City Community Foundation

Katie Wright

“Andy is a responsive leader. He solicits different opinions, listens, learns, and adjusts. We haven’t always agreed on everything – and that is precisely why he keeps asking my opinion. I respect that. The evidence of his attention to input is clear. Under his leadership, the City has increased the opportunity for citizens to engage -from coffees with council to Spanish-language outreach and translation. The change over the past four years has been remarkable.”



Andy Beerman & Mike Mendenhall

Past President of Utah League of Cities and Towns

Mike Mendenhall

"Mayor Beerman has been an integral part of the Utah League of Cities and Towns. It’s been my honor to serve alongside him for years. His relationships with peer cities and legislators have been a great resource for the residents of Park City. He has my full support!"

Andy Beerman Park City

Parkites Forever!!!

Patrick & Susan Lynch

"What my Wife (Susan) and I see in Andy is a truly passionate person who believes that while Park City is a very special City...it can be better. Park City is a beacon to many and Andy strives to make that bright light shine brighter and in a more meaningful manner. Andy has our votes!!"