Mayor Andy High Five


In our form of government, all progress requires a team effort. 

Below are some highlights from my term as Mayor, but shared credit to City Council, City Staff, and our partners.

Open Space Andy


Still the only ‘silver bullet’ to combat growth, 3000+ acres protected since 2012, and some important additions since 2018… 

  • Treasure Hill

  • Armstrong Snow Creek Pastures

  • Expanded Bonanza Flat: adding 250+ acres (total 1538 acres)

  • Bonanza Flat conservation easement and added bathrooms, parking, new trails, and restoration projects. 

  • Battling Hideout’s developers to preserve Richardson Flat.  Successful State repeal of predatory annexation laws and legal defense of Park City’s development restrictions.

  • Added Urban Park Zones to better protect Park City’s beloved parks.  


Building a ‘car-optional’ town.

  • 21 new electric buses (85% paid for with Fed grants)

  • 15% year-over-year increase in transit passengers (pre-COVID)

  • SR-224 – added dedicated transit lanes and traffic signal control

  • SR-248 – opposed UDOT road expansion; negotiated acceleration of improvements including park and ride and incoming bus lane (2022)

  • Drop and Load Zones on Main and demand-based parking pricing

  • Exploring Aerial Transit – concepts and costs estimates presented

Car Free Main Street.JPG


Renewed focus on walkability and neighborhood mitigation.

  • Car-free Main Street Sundays

  • Comstock tunnel under 248

  • E-bike policy and tags

  • Old Town Street mitigation

  • Increased Neighborhood traffic mitigation and speed controls

  • People-First Streets Program

  • Approved Rail Trail expansion and upgrades (pending 2022)

  • New trails: Free Mason, Bonanza, Treasure Hill, PC Heights Boardwalk, Mother Urban (2021/22)


82 affordable units built or bought by PCMC, 75 new units secured through development obligations.

  • Transit Housing in Prospector; Central Park City Condos; The Retreat at the Park; Woodside 1; and former Peace House on Marsac.

  • New Housing Specialist added to City team.

  • Updated housing resolution to promote more housing and Affordable MPD updates to encourage public-private partnerships for housing.



A measured response to protect public health, support resident relief programs, and aid local businesses.

  • Car-Free Main Street and temporary loosening of business restrictions for outdoor dining, signage, etc.

  • Immediate implementation of City recession plan, successfully managed economic shock without tapping reserves.

  • City Special Service funds shifted to community relief efforts.

  • Nearly $3M in additional CARES funding secured from State. 2/3rds was directed to local businesses and non-profits.

  • Park City Police offered interlocal support for regional social unrest

  • PPE distribution to businesses and high-density apartment buildings.


​Setting aggressive goals and inspiring others!

  • One of North America’s most aggressive Climate Goals: community-wide net zero by 2030.

  • Passed landmark legislation (HB411) that has allowed 20 other Utah communities to procure 100% renewable energy.

  • Groundbreaking on the 80 MW ‘Elektron’ Solar Plant for PC and our resorts. 

  • Park City (twice) won the ‘battle of the bag bans’ the Utah State Legislature.

  • MT2030 Summit with keynotes Jane Goodall and Paul Hawken.  200+ participants, resulted in five Western towns joining our commitment of net-zero by 2030.

  • U.S. winner of WWF’s One Planet City Challenge

  • 100+ new EV chargers, (mix of public and private), largely paid for by grants.

  • Original Signatory Utah Climate Compact, co-sponsored ULCT clean air policy. 

Park City Pride


​Improving access for all residents.

  • The City Council Social Equity Innovation Challenge: successful programs include the mobile recreation trailer and Lucky Ones. 

  • City fee waivers and assistance for the Peace House, NAC expansion, and the Children’s Justice Center. 

  • Equity Murals and roundtables & Veterans Day posters and roundtable

  • City-led support of mental health and wellness

  • PC Police Cadet Explorer Program

  • Formation of LGBTQIA+ task force

Sundance (46).jpg


​Using more channels to inform and engage our residents!

  • Door-to-door canvasing of neighborhoods.

  • The year-long Vision 2020 engaged 1500 community members. 

  • Added Annual State of Park City for mid-winter outreach.

  • Expansive COVID digital outreach: Roundtables & Chats, Mensaje a la Comunidad 

  • New City website: for specific ‘hot’ projects & MPDs

  • 50+ community forums/events per year.

  • Bi-monthly newsletter and Daily Social posts. 

  • Direct canvasing neighborhoods and knocking on doors.

  • Council Walk & Talks in business districts. 

  • Spanish Language materials and a Spanish Services Program coordinator at Library.  

  • EmPOWERment Utility box art project and new public art @ Creekside Park. 



Restoring balance and protecting local quality of life.

  • In 2019, staff permitted 71 events compared with 86 in 2018.

  • Fee waiver reductions and a policy to limit event growth.

  • New and increased neighborhood mitigation. 

  • Successfully hosted the FIS World Championship – biggest event since the Olympics.

  • Park City has a ‘seat at the table’ for the 2030 or 2034 Olympic bid.

Historic Mine Structures California Comstock.jpg


​New funding, focus and flexibility for historic grants.

  • Partnership with Friends of Ski Mining History to accelerate protection of historic mine structures including:  King Con Counterweight, California Comstock Mill, and Judge Mine Assay Office.

  • Restoration plan for of Daly West Head Frame (2021/22)

Park City Wildife (1).JPG


​Protecting our furry friends.  

  • Speed reductions on 224 (special approval by UDOT), supported with police and VMS signs.

  • Poison Creek Beavers transferred to the USU Beaver Relocation Center and released in Price River. 


​Must be treated like a precious resource!

  • Water smart program, tier pricing, community education: adding up to 42% residential water reduction since 2000.

  • Investment in leak detection. In past three years Park City has reduced water loss by 400 gallons per minute and will save the City an estimated $200k/year in energy costs.

  • Construction of Three Kings Water Treatment Plant to safely meet our ongoing needs.

  • Spiro Tunnel enhancements to protect our water sources.



​Back to basics: attention to details, improved staff reports, accountability, streamlining, better financial reporting.​

  • New ‘Resident Advocate’ position.

  • New City Manager and team.

  • Development task force: 16 residents assisted in streamlining building process.

  • Integration of departments, online permitting, and concurrent application process.

  • Re-finance of existing City debt (bonds) at historically low rates—saving millions!

  • Impact fee analysis and revisions.

  • Added City internships working with Bright Futures and Dream Big.  

  • Internal Social Equity and LGBTQ+ committees.

  • Police Mental Health counseling program.

  • Police & UHP conducting commercial vehicle (truck) safety inspections.


Board Member ULCT (Utah League of Cities and Towns)
Commissioner Utah Quality Growth Commission
Executive Board Committee SLC-UT Olympic Bid Committee
Co-Chair Olympic Host Venues Committee
Board Member Summit County Council of Governments
Board Member Wasatch County Council of Governments
Board Member Mountainland Association of Governments
Co-Founder MT2030 (Mountain Towns 2030)
Member CAST (Colorado Area Ski Towns)
Former Commissioner EPA’s Local Government Advisor Committee 
Former Commissioner Central Wasatch Commission